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Our Staff

School Administrators

Name Position
M. Murray Principal


Name Position
E. Ioannidis Counselor

Office Staff

Name Position
J. Ashby Admin. Assistant
N. Hum Admin. Assistant

Support Staff

Name Position
M. Bakker Educational Assistant
T. Bullock Noon Hour Supervisor
J. Burns (Resource)
D. Chee (Resource)
C. Da Silva Educational Assistant
J. Donald Noon Hour Supervisor
E. Ferreira (Resource)
D. Fung (Resource)
P. Haley (Library/Resource)
R. Hansen Educational Assistant
T. Inouye Educational Assistant
S. Law Custodian
H. Lipetz Speech and Language
Y. Liu Educational Assistant
S. Loft Educational Assistant
B. McDougall Noon Hour Supervisor
S. Mohsenian Educational Assistant
L. Parmar (Resource)
D. Tham (Resource)
T. Unrau Educational Assistant
P. Wright Educational Assistant


Name Grade Division
J. Andrews Grade 4, Grade 5 Div. 4
S. Bredefeld Kindergarten Div. 12
J. Dodds Grade 2, Grade 3 Div. 8
J. Flewelling Grade 3, Grade 4 Div. 5
S. Garrett
A. Hamm Grade 2, Grade 3 Div. 7
B. Harris Grade 6, Grade 7 Div. 2
G. Kripps Grade 2, Grade 3 Div. 6
M. Leung Grade 1, Grade 2 Div. 9
Y. Loukas Kindergarten Div. 11
A. Musil Kindergarten, Grade 1 Div. 10
B. Sangha Kindergarten Div. 12
S. Tillotson Grade 6, Grade 7 Div. 1
V. Tseng
L. Van Deventer Grade 5, Grade 6 Div. 3