More Parking Restrictions

Dear Parents,

We share in your frustration with our parking lot.  Given the location of our school (behind houses), the layout of the parking lot, and increased traffic, we are struggling to keep children safe while helping to get you on your way.  Student safety is our top priority.  To this end, we are going to ask that you be patient and courteous with one another while in the parking lots.

Beginning on Monday, November 4th, we will no longer be allowing cars to park along the west side of the parking lot, along the sidewalk (see attached photo).  This area will be marked with cones that will prohibit anyone from parking in this location.  The buses that serve our before and after school care are finding it challenging to get out of the lot with cars parked in this location.

Also, please do not park in any of the areas where there are yellow lines (eg. immediately in front of the school).

With our enrollment set to increase by up to 100 more students in the next couple of years, we are going to have to explore other ways (other than driving) to get our students to and from school.  To improve student safety and reduce your frustration, it would be good to start thinking about this for your children and your family now.

Thank you for your cooperation.