Frederick Arthur Tomsett Biography



Frederick A. Tomsett was born at Horsham, Sussex, on February 23, 1882.  After serving as an intelligence officer during the Boer War, he emigrated to Canada in 1910.  From 1911 to 1932, he lived on Odlin Road, contributing greatly to the community life of this area.  After their marriage in 1925, Mr. and Mrs. Tomsett became devoted workers in the congregation of St. Albans Church.  Following his wife’s death in 1932, Mr. Tomsett moved to Burnaby where he remarried in 1944.  He died on January 30, 1954, at his final residence in North Vancouver.


Mr. Tomsett conducted the island mail route by horse and buggy from 1914 to 1918, but his major business was in the greenhouses which he founded on his Odlin Road property.  These eventually developed into the firm of Western Wholesale Florists Limited of which he remained manager.


Because of his horticultural interests, Mr. Tomsett participated very actively in the Agricultural Society of Richmond.  He furthered community recreation by helping to organize Richmond’s first May Day and by promoting playing facilities for lacrosse.  Through his efforts, land at No. 3 and Granville Roads was donated to the municipality.  This was eventually developed into Brighouse Park.  After acting as a councillor for ten years, his career of public service to his community culminated in his election as reeve of Richmond in 1929.