Hot Lunch Program

Dear Tomsett Parents,

At our last PAC meeting, we had a presentation by FUEL catering - a company who provides hot lunches to schools throughout the Lower Mainland.  Based on this presentation and our discussion, the we have decided to give FUEL the opportunity to provide hot lunches to our students until the end of this school year.  We decided on FUEL catering because they were able to address most of our requirements:

- their prices are reasonable

- the quality of their food is higher than many of their competitors

- they are using more environmentally-friendly products

- they are able to provide this service with little to no involvement of the staff and our working parents

To sign up for FUEL catering, you can click on the Munch a Lunch link (bottom right-hand side), or type in the URL that is on the attached sheets.  We will also be sending home hard copies of these same sheets today.

 Thank you to our PAC for sourcing out this company.  We look forward to working with FUEL catering for the remainder of this school year.


Updated: Monday, November 22, 2021