Snow Days

Dear Parents,


Snow days cause inconvenience for all of us.  Closing schools is a difficult decision for the school district – trying to weigh the safety of all, with the repercussions for working families.  To help assist families, we would like to outline what you can expect from us on a snow day.


The following things will happen:

The District will make every attempt to determine school closures due to inclement weather by 6:30a.m. based on current weather and road conditions. The District will communicate tp parents as soon as possible using a variety of methods including District social media accounts and District websites. You may also check the school district website for information. In addition, we work closely with our local media to share information.  Please listen to local radio stations and follow local news outlets online to get information about the impact of severe weather or emergencies.  No radio or television announcement will be made saying that schools are open.  Only school closures will be announced by the media.

Please do not phone the school.  Staff will be too busy planning the day and ensuring students are safe and will not be able to answer the phone.

It will not be a regular school day as many students and teachers may be absent.  We will ensure that the children are cared for and are safe.  Many alternate activities may be planned so that students who are absent will not miss any work.
School will remain open until 2:45 pm and in the event that we have to close early, students will not be sent home without contacting parents first.


You have some choices:

1. Students are not required to attend school on a snow day if you feel that their safety or your own safety may be at risk.  You may keep them home.
2. Make plans in advance for what you and your family will do on a snow day.
3. If we are OPEN, you may send your child / children to school knowing that they may be participating in alternate activities for the day.  Make sure that your child comes with boots, hats, mits, gloves, snow pants, etc. as in most cases, we will be going outside for recess and lunch.


If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at the school.




Mr. M. Murray