Some Interesting Numbers

On a hunch, we asked staff to respond to three questions regarding student behaviour - namely, the nature of interactions they were having with children during non-instructional time.  It was a simple three question survey - purposely created to quickly determine whether there was something to our hunch or whether it was something less pressing that required some targeted intervention.

The results of the survey are below.  Based on the results, our FESL team is going to meet to flesh out some more detailed questions that we (staff) would like to explore further.


Results of Spring (2019) Data Collection Results – Student Behaviour



  1. How often are students coming to you with social-issues to solve?
    1. Often = 57%
    2. Sometimes = 29%
    3. Rarely =14%



  1. Who are these students?


There were 47 different students who were identified by name (K – 7).  However, one of the most prevalent responses mentioned was that the issues seemed more pervasive and would often include other students who were not “regularly involved”.



  1. What are the kinds of issues that are being brought to you?  Please be specific.


  • Tattling
  • Other children advocating for their friends / on behalf of someone else
  • Physical aggression (esp. K/1 boys)
  • Over-reaction to very small problems
  • Not sharing
  • Not using kind words
  • Name-calling
  • Children not following school rules
  • An inability to use words / know strategies to use when presented with conflict
  • Ganging up – little kids aligning themselves against someone else
Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021