Learning to be me

The Tomsett school community has developed a school-wide motto of “Learning to be me”, where individuals are celebrated for their diversity, individuality, and unique skills and traits. We know that our personal story is shaped by our family, lived experiences, and cultural background, and that by understanding ourselves we can better identify what we need to support our learning.

This school year, we are continuing our school-wide focus on supporting the Social and Emotional Learning of our students.  We want to teach our students to identify emotions and triggers, and then develop skills and strategies to manage behaviours. This will not only help students solve problems more effectively and independently, but also support them as they learn about themselves and what they need to be successful in various situations.

Students are learning common language and shared understanding around their social and emotional learning through The Zones of Regulation. This program is a social-emotional learning curriculum, created to teach children self-regulation. We’ll be using “The Zones” at Tomsett to help students learn to identify their emotions and use strategies to regulate themselves.

We believe that if students and adults can identify their emotions effectively and use tools/strategies to regulate their behaviour, then they will develop a stronger connection to their school community, and increase their social-emotional well-being and academic success. 

Parents are encouraged to use The Zones of Regulation at home! Implementing self-regulation strategies across different environments increases the success of this program.  We have created a Zones of Regulation fridge magnet for each Tomsett household, and we encourage families to practice using the same language at home as at school around identifying emotions and managing behaviour.

Updated: Tuesday, November 22, 2022