Learning the Zones of Regulation

Our students have been working hard with staff to develop common language that supports social emotional learning through The Zones of Regulation. Through our Library Learning Commons, our classrooms and other learning spaces, students and staff are becoming comfortable with the Zones of Regulation language through a variety of learning activities. Students are working on:

  • identifying emotions and place them into which Zone (blue, green, yellow, and red)
  • identifying triggers that might make them feel a certain emotion or unregulated
  • creating visuals, posters, collages, videos, and guessing games to identify emotions
  • developing and learning strategies to get to the green zone, or to be calm, alert, and ready to learn
  • asking themselves the question: what do I need right now to support my learning?
  • learning the difference between an inner coach (positive self talk) and inner critic (negative self talk)

Please ask your child at home about some of these activities, and use our Zones of Regulation language at home. The tools and strategies to manage emotions are just as effective at home as they are at school!  We encourage families to connect school to home through using some of these strategies.  We also hope that your Zones magnet will be displayed on your fridge at home for all to see.


Updated: Tuesday, November 22, 2022