Ask the kids! Student survey on the Zones of Regulation

Tomsett staff continued to believe that students will experience more positive social interactions, greater confidence, and more success in their studies if they embrace the Zones of Regulations mindset.  Through classroom teaching, whole school activities, and individualized lessons, we hoped that our students were learning to identify their emotions and understand and initiate strategies to regulate their behaviour, and therefore enjoy success as learners.


But how do we actually know if our hunch is working?  We needed to ask the students!  Our entire student population completed an online survey asking them about their experience with the Zones of Regulation program at Tomsett, and how it is contributing to their success as a learner.  Our youngest students appreciated the help from older buddies to complete the questions.  We are confident that we were able to reach approximately 95% of our student population this spring!

Student Survey Questions:

  1. I know the Zones of Regulation colours and emotions. Yes / A little bit / No
  2. I know the Zones of Regulation strategies.  Yes / A little bit / No
  3. I can use the Zones of Regulation strategies at school on my own (independently)

Yes / A little bit / No

  1. I need the help of an adult to the Zones of Regulation strategies at school.

Yes / A little bit / No

  1. I use the Zones of Regulation strategies at home (with or without an adult helping me)?

Yes / A little bit / No

  1. Which Zones of Regulation strategies have you used?  (check all those that apply)


-counting to 10

- inner coach (using positive self talk)

-taking a walk

-tense/squeeze hands/release

-doing stretches

-using fidgets


-listening to music

-lifting something heavy


-talking about it

-thinking about a calm place

-taking a break

-having a drink of water

-having a snack

Which strategy is your favourite one (helps you the most)?

  1. The Zones of Regulation strategies help me to… (check all those that apply)

… feel better

            … manage my emotions

… stay calm at school

            … solve problems with friends

            … solve problems in class

            … solve problems outside at recess and lunch

            … get ready to learn at school

            … stay focused at school

            … stay calm at home


Updated: Wednesday, August 30, 2023