More Tools For Our Kids


To match the size of the reaction to the size of the problem



Paula Lewry, our staff member who recently became a member of the school district's Integrated Support Team, recommended the book that the "Featured Image" of this post.  It is called "The Kids' Guide to Staying Awesome and In Control" by Lauren Brukner (available from Amazon).  She recommended this book as it provides a great number of strategies that children (and adults) can use when they are feeling "out of sorts" or in our case, in one of the Zones of Regulation.  It is one thing for our kids to be able to identify the Zone they are in.  It is another for helping kids to get back to being in the Green Zone (usually).  This book is full of easy tips that all of us can use during times of dysregulation.

Much like we are planning to do in the fall of 2022 during collaboration time in our library, we thought it would be worthwhile for our Physical Education teacher, Miss Lee, to teach the strategies to our students during gym class.  She was able to teach these strategies to most of the students in our school this year.  The the attachment below for some additional information.


Updated: Friday, July 8, 2022