Our Focus

Our Focus:

Over the past several months, we have surveyed students, parents and staff about what makes Tomsett a great school and what we can do to enhance the educational experiences of our students.  From that data we discovered a number of different things, some that we already knew about and others that made us pause and reflect on our practice.

First we re-affirmed what a kind, caring, hard-working staff we have and in turn what a kind, caring and hard working group of students we have.  We also discovered that our parent group appreciates our efforts and believes in our ability to providing a safe, orderly and caring school for their children.

We also discovered that our students are not as well connected to their learning as we would like them to be.  They seem to know what they are good at or what challenges them, but do not always know how they know.  Many students have also indicated that although they are somewhat familiar with where they have been in their learning, they do not have a strong sense for where they are going.

As a result, our staff has chosen to focus on Assessment for Learning as our school goal and more specifically, focus on the strand of Student Self-Assessment to help students better connect to their learning experience and overall improved performance.