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Our School Story

Our Context:

Established in 1959 as an annex to another school, Tomsett is a school that, despite its three phases of development over the past 63 years, has maintained its small school "feel".  Recently, increased densification and high real estate costs have lead to an explosion of townhouses and condos within the neighbourhood, causing our little school to experience major growth in a short amount of time.  In the Spring of 2022, our school completed its seismic upgrade and the addition of four classrooms.  As a result, Tomsett was able to welcome back all of the students in our area that we had to send to neighbouring schools over the last four years.  We are also welcoming additional staff and a vice-principal to our school community.

We pride ourselves on being a safe, respectful, responsible and welcoming school, with very caring staff, well-behaved and hard working students with supportive parents.  All members of the community look out for one another and work together to make our school a great place to learn and grow.

With so many different people in our school community, all having unique cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs and educational experiences, we come together and to accept each other, much like a big family.  We strongly believe in helping one another - whether it is in the classroom, in the school, or in the wider community.  We have a long history of donating to charity, providing services that help support our students (eg. Breakfast Club), and making thoughtful decisions for our families.  Our Parent Advisory Council has been active in many fundraising endeavours to help support our programs and services for our students.  Together, we make a difference.

Our goal as a school is to provide the best and most meaningful educational experience we can for each child.  In addition, we have a responsibility to ensure that all members of our community feel safe and welcome at school.  To this end, we enter into an annual reflective cycle where we look at all the thing we do and ask "Is this meeting the needs of our children?"  If the answer is not "yes" then we either change it or get rid of it.  Just because we have done something for the last 50 years does not mean that it will happen next year.

So, with the needs of our students in mind, we have embarked on the important work outlined in our Evidence and Action posts.  We encourage you to take a look.