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Established in 1959 as an annex to another school, Tomsett is a school that, despite its three phases of development over the past 58 years, has maintained its status as a smaller school.  However, large scale housing development consisting of townhouses and condos within the catchment has caused this quiet little community to experience major growth both in size and cultural mix.

The Tomsett School community prides itself in being a safe, respectful, responsible and welcoming community, with very caring staff, well behaved and polite students and supportive parents.  All members of the community look out for one another and work together in making our school a great place to learn and grow.

Like the thunderbird that represents our school, Tomsett is many things to many different groups of people.  We are a place of learning, working, gathering, socializing and growing.  We provide social/emotional support and guidance, opportunities and experiences for growth and knowledge and in most cases a sense of identity and stability within a very heterogeneous community. 

Despite the many differences in people’s cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs and educational experiences, we are able to come together and create a unified spirit that holds us all together.  One way in which we do that is by tapping into the generous nature of our community members.  People within our community have assisted us, with their time and spirit of giving, in raising thousands of dollars over the past few years for organizations such as the Terry Fox Foundation, Richmond Food Bank, BC Children’s Hospital, The Heart and Stroke Foundation and Canuck Place.  Our Parent Advisory Council has also embarked upon many fundraising endeavors to help support our programs and services for our students.  Together, we have learned we can make a difference.

As a changing community, we need to be ready to respond to those changes, to adapt to the needs of a diverse learning community, to find innovative ways to engage our learners and instill upon them a sense of inquiry, strong work ethic, perseverance and passion.  Our dedicated staff are confident that the following plan will help guide us as we move forward in our pursuit of improving our ability to connect students to their learning in an effective way.



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